No demand problems in China as Tesla sees strong sales in May

Model Y China

Following a report that Tesla’s demand in China was dropping by more than 50%, the official sales numbers for May have now been published.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla Giga Shanghai sold a total of 33,463 cars last month. Of those, 11,527 cars were exported to other countries, meaning a domestic sales total of 21,936 cars last month in the country.

Breaking it down by model, the Model 3 registered 9,208 sales in the month. Despite only being available in the country since January, the Model Y outsold its smaller sibling, registering 12,728 sales in May.

These domestic sales figures represent an increase of more than 30% from April, where Tesla sold a total 11,671 vehicles. Those numbers were lower than usual due to nearly 19,000 vehicles being exported to other countries, the highest number seen since exporting began last year.


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