Tesla owners with HW2.5 will soon get new visualizations [Update]

When Tesla released the new visualizations that included traffic cones last year, all of those Tesla owners that did not have the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) HW3 computer were disappointed to find out they were left out of the new feature.

Tesla later released more visualization with the deployment of the FSD preview in December, like traffic lights and garbage cans, rubbing more salt into the wounds of HW2.5 owners.

But good news is coming as Tesla hacker @greentheonly has discovered that HW2.5 owners without FSD will soon be joining the party, but only for traffic cones.

It did seem strange that when the new visualizations were released the previous generation computers couldn’t display them on the screen. Now it appears Tesla was purposely limiting the feature even though the car was able to accurately display them.

@greentheonly confirmed with Drive Tesla Canada that the visualizations were discovered in the software update 2020.12.5.1, and did not include the new FSD visualizations like traffic lights, lane markings, and stops signs.

The update also includes the ability for Navigate on Autopilot (NoA) to react to cones and change lanes when required.

It is unknown at this time if this new feature is included in the 2020.12.5 update released last night as no HW2.5 owners have reported receiving the update.

If you have received the update and have HW2.5, let us know if you are now able to see traffic cones.


@TeslaLisa confirmed on Twitter that she has HW2.5 and can see cones with the latest 2020.12.5 software update.

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