2024 Nissan Ariya prices drop by up to $4,200 in Canada, $6,000 in the US

Nissan has announced pricing for the 2024 Ariya, and the electric SUV is coming in at up to $4,200 cheaper in Canada and up to $6,000 less in the US.

Buyers of the Engage trim with a 66 kWh battery (63 kWh usable) will save US$3,600, while the Venture+, Evolve+, Empower+, and Platinum+ trims equipped with a 91 kWh battery (87 kWh usable) will cost US$6,000 less.

The price reductions mean the base model Nissan Ariya Engage with one motor, front-wheel drive, and 66 kWh battery will sell for US$39,590, apart from a $1,390 destination fee. The all-wheel drive sells for $43,590 before the destination charge.

The longer-range Venture+ trim fitted with a 91 kWh battery and front-wheel drive starts at $41,190. With the $1,600 jump in price, buyers get more power output and towing ability, apart from the larger battery and extended driving range.

The highest Ariya, the Platinum+, starts at $54,190.

Nissan Ariya price list courtesy of Nissan USA
Credit: Nissan USA

Buyers, however, should note that the Ariya does not qualify for the federal tax incentive since it is produced outside the US. However, leasers might be able to score part of the tax credit.

In addition, the driving range estimates for the Nissan Ariya have remained unchanged from the last model. It offers from 216 miles to 304 miles (EPA estimates), based on the trim. There has been no update on the charging system as well as it peaks at 130kW on fast DC chargers.

Nissan Canada announced pricing for the 2024 Nissan Ariya earlier this year, also with some price drops. The Engage trim with FWD starts at C$52,998, the same price as it was last year, while the Evolve e-4orce is $600 cheaper for the 2024 model year, down to $59,998. The Evolve+ FWD saw a $2,000 price drop, down to $62,998, and the Platinum+ e-4orce saw a $4,200 price drop to $64,998. The top of the line Evolve saw no price changes at $69,998. The Venture+ FWD has been dropped from the lineup in 2024.

ariya canada
Credit: Nissan Canada
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