NIO and XPeng post strong March delivery numbers to round out Q1

After disappointing sales numbers in February, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) makers NIO and XPeng experienced a rebound in March to close out the first quarter of 2021.

Earlier this month XPeng set expectations low, saying they were likely going to sell fewer cars in March than expected, anticipating around 4,250 units. The good news for the automaker is they were able to beat that by selling 5,102 vehicles during the month.

That more than doubled their figures from February where they sold 2,223 units. Adding in January, XPeng recorded 13,340 sales in Q1 2021.

NIO was able to outperform rival XPeng, selling 7,527 units in March. With sales of 7,225 units in January and 5,578 in February, NIO recorded 20,330 sales in the first quarter.

Both automakers still have a way to go to catch Tesla in China, selling 15,484 and 18.318 units in January and February respectively.

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