New Tesla Referral Program may be coming soon

New Tesla Referral Program

As we enter a new year, it appears Tesla may soon be introducing some new features to the referral program based on source code found on their website.

Once you log in to your Tesla account, and look at the Referral Program section of the page, it all still looks the same. But go behind the scenes and look at the source code for the page, and new details are revealed about new options for the program that may be coming soon.

New Tesla referral program source code

In the code, there is a new section called ‘Tesla Credit’. Below that are three boxes, which shows the amount of ‘Credit Awarded’, amount of ‘Redemptions’, and your ‘Balance Remaining’. There is also another section below that which appears to indicate the number of referrals you have made that goes towards a ‘Referral Prize’.

Based on this new information, it appears as though when you refer Tesla purchasers in the future, you may also be earning credits that can be used to possibly purchase goods and services from Tesla. The credits may potentially be used for merchandise, home chargers, new wheels, and maybe even vehicle upgrades like the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package.

Tesla new referral program

There are no details available about how much a referral will earn you in credit, or when these new features will appear on your Tesla account, but it should make for a new and exciting way to earn referral awards.

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