Another notch in the bedpost for the Tesla Model S as it wins Car of the Decade

Over the years since it was first released in 2012, the Model S has won numerous awards, and as the decade closes out, it has won ‘Car of the Decade’ from Green Car Reports (GCR).

GCR also named the Tesla Model S as the ‘Best Car to Buy in 2013‘, just one year after it was released. Even back then, it was given the award because of its ‘performance, looks, capabilities, and digital infotainment and control system’, which was revolutionary at the time.

As noted by GCR, the Model S started the shift in how the general public views electric vehicles – that they can be fast, fun, sporty, and can go hundreds of kilometers on a single charge. Indeed, since its release 9 years ago no other auto manufacturer has been able to come close to matching its speed, luxury, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and most importantly range.

The Tesla Model S made the company what it is today. Because of its success, the automaker was able to take on next phase of its plans to release the Model X, and then eventually the Model 3. With the Model Y and Cybertruck soon on the horizon, it appears Tesla will continue to advance its lead in the EV world, as legacy automakers struggle to keep up.

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