New Tesla Model 3 deliveries begin in the US

Tesla has started deliveries of the new Model 3 in the US, just a few weeks after the upgraded version of the electric sedan went on sale in North America.

Tesla first launched the upgraded Model 3 last year in China, Europe, and other Asia-Pacific markets. The new Model 3 features a few cosmetic updates on the exterior like new headlights and taillights, as well as some on the interior like an all new dash with ambient lighting, a new steering wheel without gear and turn signal stalks, a screen for rear passengers, and more.

When the new Model 3 was added to the North American Design Studio earlier this month, the website earlier this estimated the first deliveries would begin in June for both the US and Canada, and as expected, deliveries have now started, at least in the US.

One of the first reported deliveries took place yesterday in California, where TMC forum member SoCalDude took home a Model 3 Long Range with 18″ Photon wheels. The owner shared a number of photos of his new car, revealing the 18″ tires are Hankook Ventus. If the demo drive vehicles we have seen are any indication, the 19″ Nova wheels will come with Continental ProContact RX tires.

The owner’s initial first impressions were very positive, saying the ride quality of his new Model 3 was “good and maybe better” than his 2022 Model S, lining up with how we felt about the suspension after driving a demo unit last week. He also commented on the sound system when playing lossless sound from Tidal, commenting that it was “crystal clear and [had] phenomenal bass.”

If you are waiting for your new Model 3 delivery, at least in California, it might happen sooner than you think. According to SoCalDude, his initial estimated delivery window was between February 6 and March 5, but ended up taking delivery on January 30.

While demo drive units have started to arrive in Canada, we have yet to hear of any confirmed delivery dates for the new Model 3 in Canada, but hopefully this means they are not far behind. If the rollout of previous new vehicles is any indication, deliveries will begin first on the west coast, the closest part of Canada to the Fremont factory where the cars are built, then work their way across the country.

If you have a delivery date, or delivery window for your new Model 3, let us know what it is in the comments below.

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