Neuralink confirms November 30th show and tell event with tantalizing video

Neuralink has been strangely quiet about their upcoming Show & Tell event scheduled for November 30, 2022. The event was originally planned to take place on Halloween, but a few days before Musk announced a one month delay without giving a reason why.

With just a few days to go, Neuralink broke the silence sending out a tweet on Wednesday night confirming the event will still take place on November 30, also confirming the time of the livestream event – 6:30pm PT.

But much more interesting was what was included with the tweet – a short 14 second video with the text “please join us for show and tell” slowly appearing on screen.

At first glance it doesn’t appear to be much, but you quickly realize this is not just an ordinary video of someone typing out the text, but more likely that someone typed it out using only their mind through an implanted Neuralink device.

The big question is who used their brain to type this message.

Neuralink has so far only tested its devices on animals, most recently demonstrating their progress with Pager, a 9-year old Macaque who last year showed how he was able to play the video game Pong using only his mind.

As far as we know Neuralink has not been approved to begin human trials. In January we reported that the company was getting closer to testing its brain implant technology on humans with the publishing of a job posting seeking a clinical trial director.

That was in January, and the job no longer appears on Neuralink’s careers website. There is however a Clinical Research Coordinator position open, which according to the job description will “work under the direction of the Clinical Trial Manager and within Neuralink’s Clinical team.”

One of the job duties also says the successful applicant will “serve as the first line of contact with interested clinical trial participants,” indicating that if the company hasn’t started human trails yet they are very close to doing so.

In reality either option, whether it is a primate or a human, are equally exciting, and we will definitely be tuning in next Wednesday to find out the answer.

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