NASA testing Canoo’s EV for transporting NASA astronauts

NASA is preparing for the Artemis program to take American astronauts back to the moon. However, the space agency wants to solve the question of how the astronauts will get to the Launchpad. It is now testing Canoo’s EVs to ferry its spacefarers, as reported by Space Explored.

Separately, Canoo’s EV will be studied by the US Army to integrate it into its operations.

Canoo’s electric cars have arrived at the Kennedy Space Center, where they are conducting test runs between the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout building to the Launchpad area. The astronauts will be launched to space from the LC-39B Launchpad atop the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

NASA invited carmakers to submit their interest in supplying the Crew Transport vehicle last year before selecting Canoo. In the past, NASA astronauts have been transported to the Launchpad in a modified Clark-Cortez motorhome, an Itasca Suncruiser, and the iconic Airstream Excella, aka Astrovan.

When SpaceX started launching astronauts, it decided to transport them to the LC-39A site using white Tesla Model X EVs. Boeing chose to design a successor to the Astrovan with Airstream.

The Artemis program will deliver the first astronaut of color to the moon and the first female, using the Orion capsule to leave the earth. The astronauts will land on the moon’s surface using SpaceX’s starship.

Canoo’s contract with NASA is about $150,000 and will supply its upcoming Lifestyle Vehicle SUV with 250 miles driving range. It starts at $34,750. Some units of the EV are already stored on site.

Walmart will buy 4,500 units from Canoo but on the condition that it does not sell to its rival, Amazon.

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