The US Army selects Canoo’s EV for analysis and demonstration

Canoo has agreed with the US Army to let the military analyze its EV. The military is looking for what it can integrate into its own operations.

This comes after Canoo was selected by NASA to supply vehicles for transporting astronauts to the launch site for the Artemis mission to the moon.

Commenting on the contract with the US Army, the CEO of Canoo, Tony Aquila, said, “As an American company based in the heartland, it is an honor to be selected by the US Army. This is another opportunity to prove our proprietary technology – which is customizable and adaptable for multiple use cases and special environments.”

While Canoo expects to start its Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDV) production in the fourth quarter of 2022, it is already lining up orders. However, some of them come with stringent conditions. Walmart will purchase 4,500 units which may rise to 10,000, but on the condition that Canoo wouldn’t sell to Amazon. Walmart could end up as an investor in Canoo.

Walmart will use the LDVs to deliver groceries and general merchandise ordered online. They could also be sued for Walmart GoLocal, a delivery-as-a-service offering.

Canoo will manufacture the EVs in a plant in Oklahoma.

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