Mumbai to be home to Tesla’s first showroom in India

Tesla Model X in India
The first Tesla imported into India in 2017

Tesla’s expansion into India is getting closer as the automaker has selected Mumbai as the home of their first showroom in the country.

Earlier this month we reported that Tesla hired an executive to lead its lobbying and business activities in the region. Along with the hire, it was also reported that Tesla had narrowed its search for its first location down to three possible areas – New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

According to a report in the Economic Times, a location has been finalized. The first showroom and office space will be in Mumbai’s Lower Parel-Worli business district, an up-scale area in India’s largest city.

This is just the latest in Tesla’s efforts to expand into one of the world’s largest auto markets. Earlier this year the company incorporated under the name “TESLA INDIA MOTORS AND ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED“.

Last week several top executives were hired by the automaker. Positions like Charging Manager, HR Leader and Policy and Business Development lead were discovered by Tesla Club India.

Not only will Tesla be selling vehicles in India soon, it could also be manufacturing them. The Chief Minister of Karnataka, a South India region known as a tech hub, announced earlier this year that Tesla will set up a manufacturing unit in the area.

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