More Tesla Cybertruck specs leak, including outlets in the bed

As the Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting more details about the electric pickup truck. While Tesla has been keeping all details under wraps until the event at Giga Texas on November 30, a new leak may shed some light on what to expect.

The leak comes from a supposed Tesla insider who shared a detailed list of specs, and a photo of the Cybertruck’s bed with the YouTube channel TFLEV.

According to the video, which you can find at the bottom of this article, the Cybertruck will come equipped with a set of three power outlets in its bed – one 220-volt outlet and two 110-volt outlets. The inclusion of these power outlets, in particular the 220V outlet that is a NEMA 14-50 plug, suggests that Cybertruck owners will be able to use their electric pickup to power other devices, vehicles, or possibly even their homes.

This photo appears to be accurate as the bed opening is definitely that of the Cybertruck based on other images we have seen of it. We have also seen this exact outlet housing before when Franz von Holzhausen showed up at the Petersen Museum for a Cars & Coffee event, but at that time it was empty. The shape of the anchor point below the outlets has also changed from von Holzhausen’s truck to today’s leak.

There has been speculation and hope the frunk would also have some power outlets, but according to this leak there are none.

The video also compares the leaked measurements of the Cybertruck to other electric pickup trucks in the market, such as the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Hummer EV. These comparisons indicate that the Cybertruck comes close to a full-size pickup.

One piece of information that was leaked that has raised some questions are the curb weights, which according to the insider will be 6,670lbs for the Dual-Motor and 6,890lbs for the Tri-Motor. Elon Musk has previously said they will be around 7,000lbs depending on the configuration, so that part of it seems accurate, but only a 220lb difference between the Dual and Tri-Motor variants seems small.

Whether or not the leaked information proves accurate remains to be seen, but with the Cybertruck’s delivery event scheduled for November 30, we won’t have to wait much longer.

Here are all the specs from the video.

  • Overall length: 18.6 feet
  • Overall width (no mirrors): 79.9 inches
  • Overall height (medium setting): 70.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: 143 inches
  • Dual-Motor: 6,670 Ibs curb weight
  • Tri-Motor: 6,890 lbs curb weight
  • Tow rating: 11,000lbs
  • Max tongue: 1,110lbs
  • Bed length: 72.8 inches
  • Bed Width: 51 inches
  • Frunk volume: 7.1 cubic feet
  • Weight capacity of frunk: 420lbs
  • Headroom front: 41.6 inches, rear 39 inches
  • Legroom: 41 inches front, 40.9 inches rear
  • Shoulder room: 63 inches front, 62 inches rear
  • Hip room front/rear: 57.2 inches
  • No outlets in the front, rear outlets: 110v x 2, 220v x 1
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