Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Superchargers now open

Update: The Moose Jaw Superchargers are now fully operational

The flurry of Superchargers opening (and then sometimes closing) along the Trans-Canada Highway continues, with the latest Supercharger to partially open in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

Over the last week, there have been reports of new V3 Superchargers having been turned on, but having limited power. It appears that lucky Tesla owners caught the Superchargers during testing, which was the reason for the limited power.

It appears like that may be the case in Moose Jaw, as InternetDudeSK reported on Twitter that 3 of the 6 new stall in Moose Jaw were operational, but not at full power. If that is indeed what is happening in Moose Jaw, the Superchargers could be shut down soon for a few days, before officially re-opening at full power.

The Moose Jaw Supercharger will feature Tesla’s latest V3 technology, capable of charging at up to 250kW, or 1,600km/hr. It is located at 1251 Main St N, and has 6 stalls.

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