Mercedes Benz to bring six new EVs to market by 2022

Mercedes Benz has provided more details about their expansion of its electric lineup up vehicles with an announcement of six new electric vehicles to be launched by 2022.

While the EVs have already been announced by Mercedes Benz in October, the German automaker has now put some official dates behind them.

First to begin production will the luxury EQS sedan in the first half of next year, which will be built in Factory 56 at the Sendelfingen site in Germany.

Mercedes EQS
Mercedes EQS at the Factory 56

Next will the be EQA in the second half of 2021. The small SUV based on the current GLA will be built at Mercedes’ Rastatt plant in Germany and in Beijing, China. A larger EQB SUV will also launch in 2021, and be built in HUngary and Beijing.

Also entering production in 2021 will be the EQE, which will be similar in size to the current E-Class sedan.

Finally in 2022 Mercedes will bring two SUV’s into production – the EQE SUV and EQS SUV. These electric SUV’s will be built in the US at the automaker’s facility in Tuscaloosa.

With all the EVs coming down the pipe, Mercedes has planned ahead and has a global battery production network on three continents with facilities in Germany, Poland, the US, China, Thailand, and more. The company is aiming to have plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles make up more than half of its sales by 2030.

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