Mercedes-Benz announces Canadian availability of eSprinter cargo van

Mercedes-Benz has announced that the all-electric eSprinter cargo van will be open for orders at Canadian dealerships by the end of October. This much-anticipated release offers a promising solution for Canadian businesses and fleet operators seeking eco-friendly transportation options.

The eSprinter, which first made its debut in Europe in 2019, is now making its way to Canada after announcing in February it was coming to North America. With a base price of $97,990, the eSprinter stands to benefit from the federal government’s iMHZEV (incentives for zero-emission vehicles) program, which offers an EV purchase incentive of up to $10,000. Depending on the province, additional regional incentives could apply.

The eSprinter is also an attractive option because of its specs. It comes with an estimated range of 400 kilometers, based on European WLTP figures, positioning it as a reliable choice for various commercial needs. The standard DC fast-charging capability offers a maximum charging speed of 50 kW, while an optional upgrade unlocks a faster charging capacity of up to 115 kW.

This electric cargo van boasts a 170-inch wheelbase, a high roof configuration, and a 113 kW battery. It comes with two motor power levels: 100 or 150 kilowatts, delivering 136 hp or 204 hp, respectively. A noteworthy feature is the robust torque of up to 295 lb.-ft. for a minimum of 30 seconds.

The eSprinter is designed with versatility in mind, with a maximum payload of 1,190 kilograms and a maximum gross vehicle weight of 4.25 tonnes, catering to a variety of hauling needs. Additionally, its load capacity of 14 cubic meters allows for efficient transport of goods.

The vehicle’s efficiency is further enhanced by its dynamic drive programs and recuperation stages, adapting to the driver’s preferences and traffic conditions. Mercedes’ MBUX multimedia system is also available as an option, offering a range of controls and features for a seamless driving experience.

As Mercedes-Benz introduces the eSprinter to the Canadian market, it provides a compelling choice for businesses looking to embrace sustainable transportation solutions, while also enjoying the economic benefits of incentives and operational efficiency.

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