Lucid sued in Germany over missing DreamDrive Pro software

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Credit: Lucid

Lucid is currently embroiled in a legal dispute in Germany due to a missing software feature on its Lucid Air Dream Edition Range. This case has garnered attention as Christoph Lindner, often referred to as the “Tesla Attorney,” is representing the customer.

The individual in question had purchased the €218,000 electric sedan but was left disappointed when the promised DreamDrive Pro software was not included. According to Lucid, DreamDrive Pro is the “most comprehensive advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) available in an electric vehicle,” boasting features like highway assistant with active lane centering, adaptive cruise control, and automatic parking, to name a few, all of which is stated as being standard, even at the time of writing.

But none of that was included in the customer’s Air, with the vehicle even lacking the basic lane-keeping assist functionality, prompting them to reach out to Lucid to find out why.

In response, Lucid acknowledged the software’s absence and informed the customer that they would not be able to deliver the DreamDrive Pro feature in the foreseeable future. Instead, the company proposed to provide the software through an over-the-air update, but at an unspecified time. Unimpressed by this offer, the customer decided to seek a full refund and withdraw from the purchase contract. (via Autoevolution)

Under European Union (EU) consumer protection laws in Germany, customers have a two-year window to report defects or missing features from the moment of vehicle delivery. Additionally, customers are granted a 14-day grace period during which they can withdraw from a purchase contract without the need to provide a reason.

Initially, Lindner, acting on behalf of the customer, had hoped for an amicable resolution to the dispute. However, Lucid’s lack of response prompted them to take the matter to court.

Should the court rule against Lucid Motors they could find themselves obligated to refund a substantial portion of the purchase price and subsequently seek another buyer for the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range. Furthermore, compensation for the mileage accrued with the vehicle may also come into play.

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