Lucid shares subtle glimpse of Air sedan with full aluminum roof

Lucid Group has so far introduced three different variants of its Air electric sedan since starting production last October. After kicking off deliveries with the limited Air Dream Edition, the automaker has also rolled the Air Grand Touring and most recently the Air Sapphire off its Arizona production lines.

The next variants set to make their debut are the Air Touring and the base model Air Pure, both of which are going to come with an aluminum roof instead of a glass roof (although with the Touring it will be optional).

Lucid is hoping to bring both variants to market in the fourth quarter, and based on a recent photo shared on Twitter, it looks like they may be on track to meet that timeline.

On Monday Lucid shared a series of photos on Twitter in honour of Labour Day. At first glance you might not notice it but two of the pictures shows a white Lucid Air with a full-cover aluminum roof.

This first is just a subtle hint with one of the factory workers pointing to the roof of one of the cars on the production line.

In the next picture we get a better view showing he was pointing to the aluminum roof, with CEO Peter Rawlinson getting some instruction from an employee.

The company doesn’t show off more than that, so we don’t know if what we are looking at is an Air Touring or Air Pure, though it is likely the Pure as Lucid’s online configurator shows the aluminum roof for the Air Touring as coming later, and standard on the Air Pure.

Lucid has been struggling through a difficult production ramp made worse by supply chain shortages. The automaker was hoping to deliver around 20,000 cars in 2022, but has slashed that figure twice announcing in their Q2 2022 results that they are now hoping for just 6,000 to 7,000 units this year.

At the same time Lucid announced they have around 37,000 pre-orders for their vehicles, but delivered just 679 in the second quarter. At the current rate it will take several years for Lucid to work through their order backlog.

h/t: InsideEVs

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