Lucid Air Recalled Over Faulty Software in Rear Seat Heaters That Could Burn Passengers

Lucid has issued another recall for the Air, this time affecting a total of 1,267 cars due to a software issue that affects rear seat heaters that could burn occupants.

According to the NHTSA recall document, the issue arises when a rear seat heater is left on, a rear seatbelt is buckled, and pressure is applied to the rear seat, such as with a car seat. In these circumstances, the rear seat heater can continue to heat the seat to the point of discoloration or charring of the seat surface, potentially causing burns if touched.

Lucid says the defect was introduced by a software change in version 2.1.0, which removed active temperature monitoring and control for rear seat heaters in specific vehicle modes. This oversight posed an unreasonable safety risk, prompting the automaker to take action.

Lucid first became aware of the issue in August 2023 when an Air customer reported charring of a rear seat, and also a burned finger after touching it. Lucid Engineering initiated an analysis of the problem, which revealed that four customer vehicles had experienced seat charring or discoloration due to overheating seat heaters, with one customer even suffering a burned finger. The issue was subsequently escalated to Lucid’s Product Safety Executive Council (PSEC).

To address the problem, Lucid has developed software updates, specifically versions 2.1.26 and later, which reintroduce temperature monitoring and control for rear seat heaters in all vehicle modes. The Affected Software Versions (between 2.1.0 and 2.1.20) are no longer being installed on any vehicles, and older software versions will be automatically updated to the Remedy Software Versions.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified with instructions on how to upgrade their software at no cost. Lucid will also reimburse owners for any reasonable costs incurred to obtain the remedy for this defect. Owners who need assistance with software updates can contact Lucid Customer Care or visit a Lucid Service Center.

Vehicles currently in production since September 9, 2023, have a different software version installed on the manufacturing line, ensuring that this issue does not affect newer vehicles.

Here is the full recall document.

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