Lucid Air recalled as electric motors may shut down while driving

Lucid has recalled some of their luxury Air sedans over concerns they may suddenly lose power while driving. According to the recall notice posted to the National Highway Traffic Safety  Administration (NHTSA) website 637 units of the 2022 and 2023 model Air sedans are affected by the issue.

Lucid says the problem first appeared in May 2022 and originates with the electrically activated contact switches manufactured by Sensata Technologies. These switches transfer energy to the drive motors by remaining closed after the vehicle has been turned on. However on those vehicles built with the faulty switches the contactors “may overcome the magnetic holding force” and unexpectedly open while driving, leading to a complete loss of power to the electric motors, and naturally an increased risk of a crash.

After becoming aware of the issue Lucid deployed a software update on December 16 to analyze data from their fleet of vehicles already in the hands of customers and remotely identify at-risk contactors in 232 Air sedans. An additional 533 have not installed the software update, even though it has been available for over three months.

All vehicles covered under the recall will have their contactors replaced at no cost.

The problem appears to have led to one complaint being filed with the NHTSA. On March 17 a complaint was published in which an owner said his Lucid Air “lost power suddenly on the highway at night.” The owner described the incident as “very scary,” and rightfully so as he said he was travelling at around 72mph (115km/h) when it happened.

You can read the full recall notice below. (via Bloomberg)

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