Tesla’s Giga Berlin expansion plans imperiled by water concerns

Tesla’s plans to expand Giga Berlin are facing a bumpy ride as new concerns over water issues surface. The new buildings proposed for the Brandenburg-based facility would be partially situated in water-protected zones, according to the Tagesspiegel newspaper.

Giga Berlin was supposed to become the largest car factory in German after the extension while hosting the world’s largest battery cell manufacturing plant. However, Tesla is now facing environmental agency headwinds, with a call for changes to the building plans. The authorities claim there are insurmountable obstacles to partial approval.

Tesla is allowed to construct its factory despite lingering environmental issues. However, the EV maker has openly criticized the German permit approval process, which it alleged was slow and deterred investments in clean energy projects. However, Tesla is more likely to revise and refile its expansion plans.

Giga Berlin reached the 5,000-cars-per-week milestone in March after applying for permits to increase production to 1 million EVs annually.

Earlier, during the construction of the original Giga Berlin, Tesla grappled with water problems, culminating in the cutting off of the water supply to the construction site. Local environmental groups also opposed the construction based on the plant’s water consumption. Water is a touchy subject in Berlin, which has experienced droughts in recent years.

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