Lexus is benchmarking Tesla in its massive EV overhaul; Lexus global boss

Tesla remains the company to beat when it comes to EVs. However, other automakers like Lexus are trying to catch up by modeling their production after the American company’s methods. As Automotive News reportsLexus is on the verge of an EV overhaul, and will benchmark Tesla.

Under new global brand boss Takashi Watanabe, Lexus is ready for a massive transformation with regards to its EV business, ushering in a new generation of battery-powered automobiles. The luxury brand will showcase its electric road map next month at the Japan Mobility Show where it will reveal a concept car. The blueprint will come into effect from 2026.

According to Toyota CEO Koji Sato, Lexus will champion Toyota’s next-gen EV rollout. Toyota wants to offer an electrified version of each of its vehicles by 2030 before going fully electric in 2035. Lexus aims to produce one million EVs per year by the end of the decade.

Watanabe is looking up to Tesla for how to achieve this ambition. He said, “We need to make it easier to build and simplify as much as possible…it is important to humbly look at and learn from Tesla’s achievements. One of our first steps will be modifying and rethinking our production methods.”

Lexus is working on an auto operating system that can be region-specific while still providing luxury. In addition, Lexus is considering an electric drive-train that retains the traditional gearing system that some drivers have come to love.

If the rumors are correct, Lexus will unwrap an electric sports coupe to replace the iconic LFA supercar as part of a set of F-inspired electric performance models. This speculation is supported by a teaser concept displayed at the Japan Mobility Show.

Lexus’ parent company, Toyota, revealed a Tesla-inspired Giga Press that cuts production time from hours to three minutes.

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