Large Supercharger station under construction at Gigafactory 3

Tesla Supercharger Gigafactory 3

Tesla’s Gifactory 3 in China is very close to the target of starting production by the end of October 2019. We’ve seen some recent leaked images of Model 3’s in various stages of production, and a video of the production line undergoing testing.

When you’re going to be producing approximately 250,000 electric vehicles per year, or nearly 21,000 every month, you’re going to need somewhere to charge all those Tesla’s. Recent images posted to Twitter by @realChaoZhou show a huge Supercharger station under construction, as seen below.

If the rate of construction of the main Gigafactory 3 is anything to go by, this Supercharger station will likely be complete by the end of the month, just in time for the first Tesla vehicles to roll off the production line.

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