Kia EV Experience Centre opens in Vancouver

Image via Kia

Kia Canada has announced the opening a new EV Experience Centre in Vancouver. Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the center is a one-stop-shop for EV’s, hybrids and the infrastructure around the vehicles.

In addition, the centre will showcase the various government incentives and the many benefits of going green.

Kia’s goal with the centre is to provide potential clients with an opportunity to look at and ask questions about EV’s. The immersive experience at the centre will walk visitors through the history of EVs, the charging networks and the total cost to own an EV.

In addition, at the end of the tour, visitors can test drive one of Kia’s green vehicle options. The test drive showcases the various charging stations in downtown Vancouver. In addition it shows off the multiple perks like HOV access and preferred parking for EVs.

This experience centre is the first of its kind in Canada. However, Kia did not confirm if other cities in Canada would get a similar centre.

The Kia Experience Centre is located at 1778 W 8th Avenue in Vancouver. You can pre-book your tour Monday-Friday (9am-8pm), Saturday (9am-6pm) and Sunday (10am-5pm) at

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