Worst Smart Summon videos so far

Now that Smart Summon has been in the wild for a week, stories and videos are emerging of Tesla’s latest feature crashing vehicles in parking lots and driveways across North America. It should be noted that many of these people were not using Smart Summon in a safe manner, so don’t always believe the sensationalist headlines you read that Smart Summon is wreaking havoc in parking lots everywhere.

Parking lots are notoriously unsafe as drivers rush to get parking spots, or don’t look while backing up to leave, resulting in a high number of crashes and fender benders every year. So to say that Smart Summon is unsafe is untrue. It is likely safer than many drivers you see in parking lots today.

Here are some photos and videos showing some near misses and crashes while using Smart Summon. It should also be noted that some of these are the result of other drivers not paying attention, and not the fault of Smart Summon. If everyone had a Tesla, the world would be a safer (and cleaner) place.

To see the best videos of Smart Summon, click here.

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