Jowua Tesla Model Y Trunk Storage Bin & LED Light Bar Bundle [Deal]

Jowua has launched a brand new product this month, a Tesla Model Y Trunk Storage Bin bundle. Jowua’s version of the trunk storage bins fit snugly into the Model Ys left and right trunk pockets and come with matching lids, expanding your storage options. The bins themselves are foldable and expandable, and made out of non-toxic, eco-friendly food-grade silicone, making them very easy to clean.

Included with the storage bin bundle are two Jowua LED Light Bars. These Light Bars include smart sensors that automatically turn on when you open the trunk. The built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery supports up to 3 – 5 months of use in sensor mode. Also included are two accompanying holders, which can be attached anywhere in the trunk for improved visibility at night. Buying these separately is a $99 value just by themselves.

The Jowua Model Y Trunk Storage Bin bundle is priced at $131.95, but with the coupon code DRIVETESLA at checkout, you can save 5% off your order, bringing the price down to $125.36, which includes free shipping. This coupon code works on all Jowua products, and not just this bundle.

Jowua Model Y Trunk Storage Bin Bundle – $131.95 $125.36

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