Rivian boosts global expansion efforts with new Chief Marketing Officer

Rivian has welcomed a new chief marketing officer (CMO), Jennifer Prenner, to push its global expansion plans forward. This comes after a hiring spree from major tech and auto companies.

Prenner was formally of Meta, Facebook’s parent company. She was in charge of the company’s global marketing for its VR, AR, Portal, and Metaverse products. She worked for Amazon as head of global marketing for Fire TV before her stint with the social media giant, according to Rivian’s LinkedIn post.

As CMO, Prenner will now oversee Rivian’s global marketing effort to retain customer loyalty and connect with new audiences. The automaker will benefit from Prenner’s decades of work experience.

“I am excited to join Rivian as we work to achieve even more success by building out a high performing marketing team to share the passion that current customers already have,” says Prenner. “Rivian’s mission is one that I’m proud to contribute to and I look forward to making the world more eco-friendly, and adventurous, one amazing vehicle at a time.”

A few weeks ago, Rivian welcomed Apple’s former VP of hardware engineering as a senior vice president of vehicle programs.

Rivian’s global push will ride on its new EV platform, R2. The company will use R2 to make EVs that appeal to a broader audience. Rivian has announced a March 7th launch event for the platform.

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