Italian insurance teams up with Starlink amid catastrophic floods

Italian insurance company Unipol Gruppo SpA announced they purchased Starlink terminals to assist rescue and recovery efforts amid catastrophic floods in Italy.

The Starlink terminals will help rescue workers and essential services connect to the internet and better coordinate their response on the ground. SpaceX has also agreed to move multiple Starlink satellites to cover the Emilia-Romana region better, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Unipol did not confirm how many terminals it bought, nor did they provide any information if Starlink is assisting in terms of purchasing price or monthly plans.

Flooding in the Emilia-Romana region in Italy has killed a dozen people and displaced 10,000. The area has seen countless farms, and over a dozen villages cut off from main roads and power, leaving over 20,000 without electricity.

The biggest event of the year, last weekend’s Imola Grand Prix, was also cancelled due to the flooding. Several drivers, including Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, participated in a virtual charity race on iRacing over the weekend to raise money for flood victims in the region.

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