Hyperion’s hydrogen powered hypercar unveiled, hyping long range and high speed

The California-based technology start-up Hyperion has unveiled their concept hypercar that will be powered by hydrogen and reach top speeds estimated at over 220mph.

The XP-1, which has been developed by Hyperion over the past decade, will blow the door off most of the competition, if it ever makes it onto roads as promised.

According to Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris, the hypercar will be powered by two hydrogen tanks and reach 60mph in just 2.2 seconds (via Car and Driver). Due to the lower weight of the tanks compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries and the titanium carbon fibre chassis, Kafantaris claims the car will have increased range of up to 1,000 miles (1,609km).

You will need all the range you can get due to the extremely limited hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in place in Canada. At last count, there were less than a dozen in all of Canada, with the most recent station currently under construction in Victoria, British Columbia.

The company claims they will build their own refuelling infrastructure to fill in the gaps (sound familiar?).

The car will also reportedly feature active aero parts that will double as solar panels, providing a small boost to the range to maximize efficiency.

If people thought the touchscreen inside Tesla vehicles were too big, they’re going to love the 98-inch curved display that will feature gesture controls for most features.

Only 300 XP-1 hypercars will be produced, with production reportedly starting in 2022. So far no details have been revealed on pricing, but we’re guessing it won’t be cheap.

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