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How strong is the Tesla Model 3 glass roof? This strong [VIDEO]

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Many people think that having a glass roof is a safety issue and that it isn’t as strong as a typical metal car roof. But as safety tests have shown time and time again, the Tesla Model 3 glass roof is one of its strongest safety features.

New evidence of this comes in the form of an unfortunate car accident in Memphis where a red Model 3 slams into a concrete utility pole, before the pole crashes down on the roof of the car, protecting both the driver and his 2 year-old daughter in the back seat of the car. One can only imagine what kind of damage and injuries would have occurred with a non-Tesla glass roof in a similar situation, which likely would have crumpled and collapsed on the occupants.

The driver of the Tesla was not ticketed for this incident after the police viewed the TeslaCam footage. Unfortunately, the driver of the VW Beetle scene of the accident and no one got its plates.

Check out the photos and videos of the accident below.

Thanks to Bernie for sharing the photos and videos with Tesla in Canada.