Honda is predicting EVs will mark the end of the mega dealership

Honda dealership
Credit: Honda

Honda expects to make considerable changes to its dealership model in the coming years with popularization of electric vehicles (EVs).

The company expects to make changes to current designs that include less EV inventory, less dealer space and smaller dealerships overall.

Honda also believes that the days of the automotive megaplex are numbered.

According to the automaker, the business model of the auto park is no longer profitable as EV companies like Tesla and Rivian have moved to an online car shopping and direct sales model.

The Rivian and Tesla models have disrupted the industry enough that Ford and Volvo have indicated their ambitions to go with direct sales for their own EVs.

To meet this new generation of buyers, Honda is rethinking what a dealership could be. The dealership of the future could be more of a modern retail spaces to meet this new demand.

Instead of creating a destination, the dealership would have terminals. The terminals would allow buyers to pick up their new EVs or go in for infrequent service.

Although, we should note that these dealership ideas are only ideas for now.

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However, it is interesting to see one of the major players in the auto space already looking forward to what the next generation of dealerships could be as clients look to go online to shop for their next car.

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