Government of Canada invests over $12 million to install 1,857 EV chargers across Canada

Credit: Natural Resources Canada

The Government of Canada is investing more than $12 million in an effort to encourage drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). On Thursday the government announced a coast-to-coast network of 1,857 charging stations to be built along highways, in public places, residential buildings, workplaces, and for vehicle fleets.

Lloyd Longfield, Member of Parliament for Guelph announced the funding would go to install over 1,800 new EV chargers across Canada. Based on a press release from the government the majority of those 1,800 chargers will be Level 2, but DC fast chargers will also be part of the plan.

Several organizations will be involved in the installation of these chargers. Skyline Real Estate Holdings Inc. will receive funding for 852 Level 2 chargers in multiple provinces, including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and British Columbia. The Corporation of the City of Guelph will also benefit from the funding, enabling them to install 24 Level 2 chargers and four Level 3 chargers within the city.

Furthermore, Alectra Utilities Corporation and Alectra Energy Services Inc. will install up to 905 Level 2 chargers and 72 Level 3 chargers throughout Ontario.

This investment by the Government of Canada represents over $12 million in funding through the Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program led by Natural Resources Canada. The total project costs exceed $27 million, with additional contributions from partnering organizations.

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