Giga Shanghai upgrades translates into shorter Model Y delivery times in Australia

After some recent production line upgrades that have increased the Giga Shanghai’s production capacity, Tesla has been able to shorten delivery times for all variants in China down to as little as one week.

Giga Shanghai is also Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub, and one of the markets the company exports its vehicles to from China is also seeing the benefits of the upgrades.

According to a report by The Driven, customers in Australia are now seeing shorter delivery timeframes.

For some Model Y customers that made a reservation for the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant within the first few days of the order books opening in June, their cars are now expected to be delivered from mid-October to early November.

Previously this window was November to February 2023.

The Model Y has proven extremely popular since it launched in Australia, with The Driven estimating some 11,000 orders were placed during the first week alone.

Tesla has been able to fulfil over 1,000 of those orders already, delivering 1,017 Model Ys in August to customers in Australia.

Tesla recently completed the upgrade project at Giga Shanghai. Prior to the upgrades Tesla said the factory had an annual production rate of 750,000 vehicles. Now the factory is able to churn out over 1 million vehicles per year, and within one month of the project being completed customers are already reaping the benefits.


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