Giga Berlin Tesla Model Y’s with white interior appear in existing inventory, deliveries to begin soon

Nearly a year after Tesla first started rolling new Model Ys off Giga Berlin’s production lines, some electric SUVs with the optional white interior are finally being built and made available to customers.

Giga Berlin opened in March last year and kicked off production with only the Model Y Performance variant finished with black interiors. The factory lineup expanded later to include the Long Range variant, but still only with the standard black interior, despite some testing conducted during the year with white interiors.

Over the last few months there have been more sightings of Model Ys with a white interior on the grounds of Giga Berlin, but no customer deliveries have taken place yet. That looks like it will soon change as several Giga Berlin made Model Y Performance SUVs with the white interior have appeared on the existing inventory section of Tesla’s website.

The fact that these vehicles are made at Giga Berlin are not immediately apparent, but the giveaway is the VIN that is included in the listing’s URL. Giga Berlin VINs begin with XPY7, which can be seen on this white Model Y Performance with white interior available for €67,710. (h/t: @ModelYOwnersEUR)

In a review of all the new Model Y Performance SUVs listed on the existing inventory site by Drive Tesla, all of them were made at Giga Berlin. This compares to the dozens of Model Y Long Range listings, all of which contain LRWY, indicating they were made at Giga Shanghai.

What is interesting is that we haven’t received or seen any reports of customers in Germany with longstanding orders for a Model Y Performance and a white interior receiving a notification that their car is ready for delivery. However from what we have been told by our sources is that deliveries should begin soon, possibly as early as this week.

If you are one of those customers waiting for a white interior Model Y from Giga Berlin, let us know in the comments below or email us at if you have recently received an update on your order.

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