General Motors announces Dealer Community Charging Program across Canada and U.S. [Update]

Today General Motors (GM) announced a new community charging program to install up to 40,000 level 2 chargers across Canada and the United States.

The initiative will start in 2022 and is part of the recently announced commitment to invest nearly $750 million to expand home, workplace and public charging infrastructure.

GM will work with its dealers to help expand access to charging in underserved, rural and urban areas. Through the Dealer Community Charging Program, GM and the dealers will deploy level 2 chargers at workplaces, colleges, multi-unit dwellings and sports and entertainment venues, among others.

All of the Dealer Community Charging Program chargers will be open to the public. However, GM did not confirm if the chargers would be pay-for-use or free to the general public.

In addition, GM also announced its new line of three Ultium-branded level 2 smart charging stations. The charging stations will hopefully provide more home and commercial charging options. The new chargers are:

  • An 11.5 kW/48-amp smart charger
  • An 11.5 kW/48-amp premium smart charger
  • A 19.2 kW/80-amp premium smart charger

However, GM did not break down charger numbers in Canada and the United States. Nor did they provide pricing for their new line of Ultium chargers.

UPDATE: In a statement to Drive Tesla, GM confirmed they will be installing 10%, or 4,000 of these chargers across Canada.

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