Montreal’s A2Z EV develops first NACS adapter

Credit: A2Z EV

A2Z EV has developed the world’s first NACS (North American Charging Standard) adapter for electric vehicles (EVs).

The Montreal-based company became the first to release a CCS1 to NACS adapter to the mass market last year. Now, they have taken a significant step further by introducing the world’s first NACS CCS1 adapter. The adapter, which has already been tested and is ready for use, combines AC/DC functionality in a single device, simplifying the charging process for EV owners.

A2Z EV is awaiting Tesla’s decision to open up their Superchargers to third-party adapters. If this were to occur, it would enable EV owners to utilize the A2Z EV NACS CCS1 adapter, accelerating the adoption of Tesla’s charging technology.

In an interview with Drive Tesla, A2Z EV says they are actively engaging with car manufacturers to support this adapter. While the pricing details of the NACS CCS1 adapter have not been determined yet, A2Z EV aims to ensure affordability and accessibility for consumers. As with any evolving technology, price points are expected to be competitive and in line with market demands.

One of the key advantages of A2Z EV’s NACS CCS1 adapter is its potential to enhance charging compatibility across a range of electric vehicles (EVs). By offering a standardized solution that seamlessly integrates with existing charging infrastructure, the adapter eliminates the need for individual car manufacturers to develop their own adapters. This breakthrough could pave the way for a faster and more widespread adoption of NACS, streamlining the charging experience for EV users and reducing barriers to entry for prospective buyers.

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