Ford Promises More Adjustments to EV Certification Program to Ease Dealer Concerns

Ford has promised more adjustments and changes to its Model e Certified program, aimed at addressing dealer’s concerns and enhancing the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

During a recent meeting in Las Vegas, Elena Ford, the chief dealer engagement officer and a direct descendant of the founder Henry Ford, assured Ford’s U300 small-dealer group—comprising dealers who sell fewer than 300 vehicles annually—that the company is dedicated to rectifying the “pain points” experienced during the shift towards electrification. (via Automotive News)

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, was also in attendance at the meeting, emphasizing the challenges and risks associated with the EV transition for both the automaker and its dealers. Acknowledging that the path to electrification would not be without its challenges, Farley revealed plans to continually refine the company’s EV certification program, known as Model e Certified.

This program, introduced in 2022, has faced its share of criticism and legal hurdles, prompting Ford to implement changes based on dealer feedback. Despite these efforts, about half of the dealers initially opted out of the program, highlighting the need for further adjustments.

As part of its ongoing effort to refine its approach, Ford has also delayed the requirements for installing fast chargers at dealer locations by six months due to supply constraints, signaling the automaker’s responsiveness to practical challenges in the EV rollout.

Meanwhile, Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand, has temporarily put its own EV sales program on hold as it rethinks its strategy amid efforts to streamline its dealer network.

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