Folsom Police Department to add Tesla Model 3 and Model Y to their fleet

Tesla Model Y Police Car
Credit: Drivable Designs | YouTube

The Folsom Police Department in California will soon be receiving their first pair of electric vehicles (EVs) after the City Council approved the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

The shift towards EVs has been gaining momentum across California, with Folsom PD joining a growing group of law enforcement agencies adding Tesla’s to their fleets. Neighboring cities like South Pasadena have already made the transition, revamping their entire fleet with Teslas. There is also the Fremont PD, with its close ties to Tesla due to the company’s factory located there, have also added several Teslas to their fleet.

Now the Folsom PD will be following suit. The Model Y will be used as a patrol car, while the Model 3 will be used by community service officers, according to Folsom PD Operations Division Commander Andrew Bates. (via Folsom Times)

City staff recommended the purchase in a report, highlighting the zero emissions and reduced maintenance costs as budget-friendly choice for the department. The report also noted Tesla’s reputation for advanced safety technology that will help keep their officers safe.

The city will be spending $108,838 to purchase the two Teslas, which will come from the department’s budget of $500,000 for police vehicles.

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