First third-party Tesla app is for fleet management

Tesla has always been responsible for maintaining the app its customer use to manage their products. However, the EV maker has started sharing the load with other companies, leading to the emergence of the first third-party Tesla app, Standard Fleet.

Back in June we told you about the first signs of third-party app access after it quietly appeared inside your Tesla account settings. At the time there was no way to add third-party app access, but it looked like the feature was soon going to launch. A little over a month later and the first third party app is Standard Fleet.

As the name suggests, Standard Fleet offers a platform for fleet owners, including Tesla ride-sharing and EV-sharing, for managing their electric vehicles. The business was conceived last year by David Hodge, a Tesla enthusiast and former Apple employee, according to Teslarati, which first spotted the app.

The Standard Fleet platform requires users to sign in with their Tesla account, using the Tesla Single Sign-On system, without using their password. They will also grant access to their Tesla information, including profile information, vehicle charging commands, vehicle commands, and vehicle information. However, clients can revoke access to their information at any time.

“Sign in with Tesla” simplifies the authentication process and is a secure method to grant Standard Fleet access to real-time information from your Tesla vehicles. The management of this connection through the Tesla site provides you the highest level of security, reliability, and peace of mind,” Standard Fleet says.

Standard Fleet has the advantage of being a software platform. Thus, it does not require purchasing and installing 3rd-party hardware to monitor or manage Tesla vehicles. The platform counts among its clients Revel, which uses Model Ys for ride-sharing; MisterGreen Electric Lease in Europe with more than 5,000 Tesla EVs; and EV Access in Arizona with about 1,000 electric vehicles.

Tesla has not officially announced Standard Fleet as an authorized third party app. However, the EV maker has included Standard Fleet in its “Third Party Apps” menu. The official Standard Fleet account on X also confirmed the news.

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