First DC fast charger now open in Victoria, BC

Even though Victoria has the highest rate of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Canada, it didn’t have a DC fast charger, until now.

Located in downtown Victoria on Store Street just before the new Johnson Street bridge, the new BC Hydro DC fast charging station has two charging points. For most EVs the CCS and CHAdeMo connectors can provide 100km of range in 30 minutes.

Mayor Lisa Helps commented on the new charging station, saying it will help equip the city for a future with EVs, and help attract customers to the downtown core.

“We are continuing to build a future-ready city and we know that residents are switching to zero emission vehicles at a rapid rate,” said Mayor Lisa Helps. “Not only are these new fast chargers a great step towards reducing emissions and addressing the climate crisis, but they are also going to be a great incentive for EV drivers to come downtown and support our local businesses.”

The new station adds to the 13 level 2 chargers in the city’s five parkades, and the six recently installed along Broad Street. The city is planning to invest $175,000 over the next two years to further expand the charging network.

With the station officially opening on Friday, EV drivers in Victoria were only able to enjoy one day of free charging. As of May 1, BC Hydro now charges varying rates for the amount of time plugged in based on the speed of the EV charger.

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