Study by Ford shows that 4 in 10 Americans think EVs are powered by gasoline

A recent study published by Ford Motor Company, the results of which were shared on Medium, shows that there is still a a lot of education required for Americans to fully understand the capabilities of electric vehicles (EVs).

Amongst some of the alarming stats, probably the most eye-opening was that a shocking 42% of those surveyed believe that EVs are powered by gasoline, despite their name. Some of the other stats that are sure to raise eyebrows amongst the EV crowd include that 67% of respondent don’t believe that EVs are capable of towing and hauling. That one has to hurt Ford a little bit after their latest ad showing a prototype electric Ford F-150 towing a full size train and cars, estimated at 1 million pounds.

You can read the rest of the survey results over at Medium.

Do you think the results would be similar if the survey was done in Canada?

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