EV drivers in Powell River will now have to pay charging fees

Powell River EV charging station Tesla

We told you earlier this year that Powell River, a small city outside of Vancouver, British Columbia was considering implementing charging fees at city-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

The impetus for the proposed change was people leaving their EVs plugged in for longer than needed, blocking access to the chargers for other users in need of a charge.

The city has now implemented new rules this week that will see EV owners charged a reasonable rate of $2 per hour at the 5 Level 2 chargers around Powell River. The city is also planning to build four new Level 2 chargers soon.

Powell River isn’t the only municipality to either consider or implement EV charging fees at public charging stations. Richmond B.C. is two-tiered fee structure considering charging drivers as much as $5 per hour. The University of British Columbia has also had to implement EV charging fees after drivers were overstaying their welcome at charging stations on campus.

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