Loot Box mystery solved? Disappearing Supercharger credits have returned, with new details

In case you missed it, last week Tesla owners across North America were reporting their Supercharger referral credits had disappeared from their Loot Box.

Some guessed it was because Tesla was finally cracking down on the expiry dates of referral credits. According to the Limits of the Referral Program, the credits expire after 6 months, but most owners had never seen their credits actually expire within that time period. Some owners were also reporting losing credits that were earned just weeks before, so it didn’t appear to be the cause.

It was also discovered that Tesla had recently changed the Limits of the Referral Program, but that change should not have impacted previously earned referral credits.

Now it appears all is forgiven, as Tesla has reinstated the missing credits, and added new information in what appears to be a better effort by the automaker to track and enforce expiry dates.

Previously if you opened your Loot Box, you would only see your remaining credits. If you open your Loot Box now, there is a new expiry date below your “Free Supercharger KM Remaining”.

Drive Tesla Canada reached out to Tesla for an explanation on the missing credits, and we were told that “Referral miles expire 6 months from the award date, after expiration these miles are removed from your Loot Box.

Despite this statement, it is unclear how the expiry date is being calculated. For the Tesla owner above, he had roughly calculated an expiry date of some time in 2026. He notes there were some bonus referral credits that may throw off his calculation a bit, but not by 3 years.

In my case, my credits were supposed to expire sometime in March of 2020 (a little murky based on credits being accidentally wiped for all BC owners). Now my remaining credits have an expiry date of 31/5/2020, a seemingly random date not tied to the date I purchased my Model 3 (June 2019).

Are your missing Supercharger credits now back in your Loot Box with an expiry date? Does your expiry date seem accurate, or is it also a seemingly random date? Let us know in the comments below.

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