EU inspectors visit Tesla’s Chinese facilities as Tesla aims to lower duties in the EU

Tesla welcomed European Union inspectors to their Chinese facilities in late June in a bid to lower duties on Chinese-made EVs going to Europe.

Last month, the European Commission announced balancing duties on imported electric vehicles manufactured in China. These duties are meant to balance Chinese government subsidies in the Chinese EV manufacturing sector.

The Commission was concerned about EU manufacturing being affected by cheaper Chinese EVs on the continent. The duties ranged from 17.4 percent for BYD to 38.1 percent for SAIC, with the average coming out at 21 percent.

The European Commission selected a handful of EV manufacturers to inspect for unfair Chinese state subsidies, but Tesla was not among them.

However, Tesla applied for individual treatment from the EU Commission, and that request was granted. Part of the process for individual treatment included an on-site inspection.

According to a report from Politico, EU inspectors visited Shanghai over three days between June 26-28.

The next step in the process for the duties will be a regulation announcement on Thursday with the precise percentages. The final decision will come in November and be put to a vote by EU governments before going live.

It is unclear if other European and North American manufacturers have applied for individual treatment. Nor is it clear if Tesla was successful in their bid yet.

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