ENVO Drive Systems Acquires Veemo: Set to Launch E-Velomobile in Summer 2024

ENVO Drive Systems has acquired VeloMetro Mobility (Veemo), a fellow Canadian e-mobility brand known for its weather-protected electric ‘velomobile.’ ENVO has already begun the development process for the velomobile and plans to release it in Summer 2024 under the name “ENVO Veemo.”

Veemo declared bankruptcy in February 2023, citing logistic and supply chain issues that were hampering production, with Veemo failing to bring to market the electric scooter nearly seven years after it was first unveiled .

Despite never officially launching, ENVO remains optimistic about the potential of the Veemo vehicle. The company believes that the original efforts to bring the e-velomobile to the market were marred by serious flaws, contributing to its ultimate demise. However, ENVO sees the product as a game-changer and views the timing for its release as ideal. The company’s CEO, Ali Kazemkhani, says that ENVO’s ongoing project, called ‘Velo Mobile,’ focuses on addressing deficiencies in the micro e-mobility space, and the acquisition of Veemo aligns perfectly with their vision.

“The Veemo is extremely well-developed in terms of weight, stability, and ergonomics; and equally important, it’s a great-looking product that’s super fun to ride,” Kazemkhani said.

The ENVO Veemo is a sitdown, semi-enclosed e-trike designed to be the ultimate e-vehicle for daily commuting and general utility. Its three-wheel design, featuring two wheels in front and one in the rear, adds stability over the traditional three-wheeled bike design. The e-velomobile comes equipped with a full front windshield and a hard plastic roof that slightly curves around the rider cockpit, providing enhanced weather protection. Additionally, the open rear ‘window’ and side ‘door’ openings not only ensure quick entry and exit but also facilitate proper ventilation, keeping weight and cost down.

Currently, working prototypes of the ENVO Veemo are undergoing testing to ensure any necessary updates are made before the anticipated early Summer 2024 relaunch. ENVO says they will keep the public informed with the latest information on their website as the development progresses.

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