Ford dealership trying to sell Mach-E shows why the dealership model is soon going to be extinct

Mach-e sticker

One of the aspects that makes Tesla unique compared to other automakers is their direct online sales. Gone are the days of visiting multiple dealerships to haggle and negotiate the best price. Simply visit and order your car in as little as one minute, knowing you’ll pay the same amount as your friend on the other side of the country.

That compares to legacy automakers who sell vehicles through their dealership network. With each dealership independently owned and operated, they are free to set their own prices regardless of the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP).

The stark difference between the two sales models was never more evident this week. A Chicago Ford dealership had a new Mustang Mach-E on display and on the window sticker it showed the EV had $10,000 added to its price for what the dealership called a “market adjustment”.

After being shared on Twitter, the inflated sticker price made it all the way to Ford North America Product Communications manager Mike Levine. After seeing the tweet and being clearly unhappy with the situation, he apparently made a few phone calls. Less than 24 hours later Levine said on Twitter the markup had been removed.

Having enjoyed decades of freedom to set their own prices, Tesla has disrupted the dealership model with their online sales model. Now that consumers are aware and have had a taste of hassle free car shopping from their couch, it is only a matter of time before the traditional car dealership is no more.

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