Elevator music coming soon to a Tesla near you

Starting in 2019, Tesla began equipping their vehicles with an external speaker, or ‘noisemaker’, intended to warn unsuspecting pedestrians there was a quiet, electric vehicle (EV) approaching.

Always one to have some fun, CEO Elon Musk earlier this year said drivers would be able to use the speaker for other uses, like talking to pedestrians and others outside the vehicle as you drive.

Unfortunately that feature has yet to arrive, but Musk has now revealed another use for the external speaker – to play snake jazz or Polynesian elevator music.

It is hard to tell if this is just a joke, or something that will actually be added to Tesla vehicles through a software update. Given his history of easter eggs and fart mode, and recent admiration towards both snake jazz and elevator music, don’t be surprised when it does.

If your Tesla was built before September 1, 2019, you unfortunately won’t have the speaker equipped in your vehicle, and according to Musk, retrofits will be difficult so they might not happen. Recent Model Y deliveries should have the noisemaker, but it either doesn’t have one, or it has yet to be turned on.

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