Electrify Canada announces home charging solution for Canadian EV drivers

Electrify Canada is expanding outside of their growing public charging network by offering a new home charging solution for Canadian electric vehicle (EV) drivers under a new business unit – Electrify Home.

Known as the HomeStation, the new EV charger is a level 2 system offering power up to 40 amps. The HomeStation can deliver charging speeds up to 9.6kW, or the equivalent of 53km of additional range per hour.

Image via Electrify Canada

The HomeStation will also be WiFi enabled, giving owners the ability to sync their charger with the redesigned Electrify Canada mobile app. With the app owners will be able to start, stop, and schedule charging sessions remotely, view charging status, and review charging history.

HomeStation app
Image via Electrify Canada

According to Electrify Home, the charger can be installed yourself or with the help of a licensed and qualified electrician. This is thanks to the ability to be plugged into an existing NEMA 14-50 outlet and adjusting the amperage to meet the needs of your electrical panel.

“EV drivers have come to expect a fast and convenient charging experience from Electrify Canada and we’re excited to offer an integrated solution to support drivers on the road, and at home. The upgraded mobile app will provide users with a simple, all-in-one solution to manage all their charging sessions, giving them the freedom to manage their account, schedule off-peak charging, locate public charging stations, among other features,” said Nina Huesgen, Senior Manager, Home and eCommerce at Electrify Canada.

The Electrify Home HomeStation charger will be available this fall and priced at $1,099 CAD.

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