Deep River Ontario Supercharger a little late to join the party, but now open

Over the weekend about 20 new Superchargers came online across Canada, officially making a coast-to-coast trip in your Tesla possible. With the openings, the on-board Supercharger map was updated showing all the now-open stations along the Trans-Canada Highway.

One location that didn’t show up on the map as open was Deep River, Ontario, a 6 stall V3 Supercharger site. It has now been confirmed to be open, with TMC member KenziEE posting this photo of his Long Range RWD Model 3 charging and getting a limited 50kW charge, good for about 345km/hr.

Deep River Ontario Supercharger

Similar to other Supercharger stations that opened earlier last week, they had limited power upon first opening up, but in the days that followed gained full charging power, and we expect the Deep River Supercharger to follow that pattern as well.

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