Coquitlam to add 10 new EV charging spots over the next year

Electric vehicle (EV) owners in and around Coquitlam, British Columbia will have an easier time charging their vehicles as the city has announced new EV charging infrastructure plans.

After installing six new EV charging stations earlier this spring, the municipality on the outskirts of Vancouver will install five more stations over the next year, adding an additional 10 charge spots by the summer of 2021.

By making it easier for Coquitlam residents to own electric vehicles, we’re also taking steps toward meeting our community emission-reduction targets. – Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart”

According to the city, the stations will be located in high-demand areas, as well as areas currently underserved by the existing charging network within the city boundaries.

The new stations, funded in part by a grant by the Government of Canada, will cost $20,000 to install. To help recoup some of the costs not covered by the grant, the city will charge $1 per hour to charge, up to a maximum of 2 hours.

Charging fees for public chargers is growing in popularity as local municipalities struggle to deal with EV owners leaving their cars at free public chargers for longer than necessary. Powell River recently implemented fees, and the University of British Columbia also has plans to implement charging fees soon.

h/t [TriCity News]
Featured image: EV chargers at Coquitlam City Hall via Plugshare

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