Construction begins on the North Battleford Tesla Supercharger [Saskatchewan]

North Battleford Supercharger

Work has begun Saskatchewan’s 2nd Supercharger of 2021, at the Discovery Co-op Mall in North Battleford.

A photo posted by SaskEV shows electrical work being done on the north side of the mall parking area. It looks like the mould will be for the utility transformer, as the work is being done by SaskPower.

It is also in the same location as noted in the site plans (see bottom photo).


Although there is nothing specifically indicating Tesla onsite, the work is being done in the same location as denoted in site plans, which were uncovered in April this year.

Six Supercharger stands will be installed alongside 2 generic fast chargers, which will most likely be from the FLO brand. The site is expected in the 4th quarter, per the Find Us Tesla map.


North Battleford Supercharger plans


H/T @saskevca

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